Girl Wrestling Fan Will You Marry Me Volume 1, PRINT

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A compilation of stories about dating, being hit on, harassed, and generally existing in the wrestling fandom from women, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ fans in the community.

List of Contributors:
Paige Vose: "Wanna Wrestle?"
Desi Rottman: "Coming Out"
Jex Roberts: "How Not to Hit on a Female Wrestling Fan"
Gabby Velasquez: "Pwetty Pwease"
Ashley Leckwold: "I Just Wanted to Wear a Cesaro Shirt"
Binky Daze: "How to Lose Fans"
BJ Colangelo: "I'd Rather See What You Look Like in Spandex"
MX. Joyride: "Ambrose"
Lynsay Mackay: "She's the Fan"
Kate Foray: "My Girl Becky"
Chelsea Spollen: "1."