Girl Wrestling Fan Will You Marry Me Volume 5

$7.00 USD

A compilation of stories about existing in the wrestling fandom from women, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ fans in the professional wrestling community.

Contributor List:
Harmony Cox, “Drags and Dropkicks”
Hugo Hendrix, “Unconventional Men”
Rachel, Untitled
Lucy Butler, “(In)visibility”
Lana Cooper, “I Was In an Online Wrestling Fed: A Surprising Tale of Inclusivity & Finding Your Tribe”
Ashley Joanne Leckwold, “A Circus Divided”
Herminia Chow, “How a Chinese Girl Fell in Love with Wrestling”
Kristen Ashly, “Being A Female Journalist Made It Hard To Be A Fan”
LaToya Ferguson, “Mansplaining”
CJ and Toria, Untitled Comic
Maki Roll, Untitled
Sara Coughlin, “Nigel McGuinness and the Terrible In-Between”
punkasville, “Graceful”